Friday, November 05, 2010

New Tote for Quilt Festival

New Tote for Quilt Festival
I can't help myself!  I just loved this cover on Quilting Arts Magazine so much!! So much, that I ripped it off the magazine, layered it many times with Mod Podge, and then glued it to a foundation to make the front of this tote bag.  I was inspired by Beach Garden Quilts and what they do with Mod Podge and fabric to make floor mats.  It worked!  And the cover is my quilt, and it is a quilt about me and now it's me on my own tote!! lol! Too much?

And also, how wonderful my Urban Landscapes fabric look made up in this tote.  On the back side I used the 9 dot in a block pattern to make a spacious outer pocket.  I am also getting better with the zippers.  I put a small zippered pocket inside, and I have learned the magic of magnetic button thingies for a closure.  It is almost the size of a shopping tote, and I am hoping it will come in handy at the quilt show.

And, since I am getting some experience with tote bags now, it was kind of fun to change up the pattern a bit!  I love the shape and the double straps!!


Margeeth said...

I think it looks great and I expect of course it will be usefull at the quilt show.

Em said...

You are marvellous! What a gift you have and thank you for sharing your exuberance and CELEBRATION!!!!!!

skye said...

I love this!! I have not explored this type of work yet, but this is inspiring me! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Cool bag - I love it!

Anonymous said...

Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Tremendous! I love all your quilts and especially your bold colour sense. This tote looks like it might be at my skill level so I will have to try it....I have recently been playing with making paper napkins and "kleenex" into fabric so this would be a great next step.