Monday, March 29, 2010

Cheery O's

Cheery O's 
12" x 12" 
 This is my little piece that was in the Feb/Mar issue of Quilting Arts. I have since added borders. A group of friends had a small quilt exhibit at the Dallas Quilt Show a few weeks ago. My piece was one of the ones included, and I was so happy that it has now sold! I wanted to try satin stitch free motion quilting, so I just started quilting in circles. Then I just kept changing threads and making more and more circles. With increasing time behind the wheel, I slowly got better, which was fulfilling and fun. Slowly, the beautiful colors started to sing. Then I added the hand embroidery and french knots and it turned completely fun! The borders were quilted separately, trimmed to size and then added last. So on this tiny little quilt, I used satin stitch to create the central design, structurally add the borders, and finish the edge of the quilt! Ta da!

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Edith Bieri-Hanselmann said...

Kathy, when you quilt appeared in the Quilting Arts magazine, I made a copy of it and it hangs now on my design wall because I like the circles, color and everything about it. Greetings from Switzerland