Monday, March 16, 2009

Cat Girl's Kimono

Cat Girl's Kimono
 Cat Girl is studying Japan this year. Her school does a big production for each grade, and this year it is Japan. She made a lantern, a fan, a Japanese Garden, did a play, sang songs, tasted foods, learned to count, etc. Obviously, she needed a kimono for the play. We quickly found a pattern which turned out to be way too big. I made some minor adjustments in the sleeves and hems. And for some strange reason, none of the patterns had cats on them...??? What's up with that? So from her drawing, I created a cat for her sash. What I learned? That I don't like sewing with slinky fabric....AND....I love sewing for her and seeing her GREAT BIG SMILE! Ahhhh!!! 


Stephanie said...

The kimono looks great! Do you mind sharing what pattern you used? My daughter is also doing a Japan unit at school and we were in the process of trying to find a pattern to make her a kimono - so your post was very timely!

Cindy said...

Very cute! And the cat sash is perfect - better than using cat fabric.

Kathy York said...

I used McCall's 2940. It was sized really large for a kid though, and even though my kid is pretty tall, the pattern still needed a lot of alterations. I suspect there are better patterns. I saw some amazing kimono's at the play. The best ones had the huge bows in the back, very cute! Good luck!