Friday, February 27, 2009

Batik Etching

Batik Etching
This first sample is a comparison of etching with a tjanting tool. I applied wax in square chunks to the lime fabric. After it cooled, I used a sharp point to draw some designs in the wax. Then I took the sample back out to the wax pot and drew the same designs with the tjanting. Then I died the sample orange. So, the etched lines are orange, and the tjanting lines are green.

In this next sample, I put wax on the entire piece of lime fabric and then etched the designs with a sharp point, taking care not to tear the fabric. You may wonder what the sharp point was?? I tried several different tools, a small screwdriver, the point on a compass, and a seam ripper. There are others, but I liked the seam ripper the best. Then dyed it with orange. LOVE IT!!

The last sample is all about texture. I sprayed water droplets on the yellow fabric, then quickly painted thick wax stripes across the entire surface. This one, I dye painted from the back side, as the front side did nothing. Interesting! My mind reels with possibilities.


Cindy said...

I like the etched lines the best. They are not what i would expect to see with Batik.

The colours are also gorgeous!

Gerrie said...

Kathy - these are wonderful examples of what you can do with wax!!