Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dyeing Experiments 101

Dyeing Experiments 101
 I needed a dark backdrop for a quilt, so I decided to make it navy. However, I didn't want a solid navy, I wanted something subtle with a little interest in it. Okay, I totally missed 'subtle' with this experiment! I folded this cloth in half and then twisted it very tight, stuck the ends through the loop made in the other end, and then vat dyed. I did not expect such high contrast, but I loved it. Then the dilemma, though beautiful and very interesting, it wouldn't fit my needs. So, I took it to the garage and started batiking circles. Some I left as rings, others I filled in. Then I over dyed it, navy and turquoise.
I liked the new results even better! Someday I will get around to quilting this as a whole cloth. It is large, about 60" x 120". Of course, I will have to find a back for it....which will lead to more dyeing experiments, more fun, and more learning!

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Deb Lacativa said...

You're on the slippery Whole Cloth slope! Once I started dyeing large complex pieces and then slipped into dye painting there was no turning back from whole cloth quilts. I don't even know where my good scissors are!