Sunday, September 03, 2006

Shaman Chicken

Shaman Chicken

I took a class from Elinor Peace Bailey last year to learn some doll making skills. I don't know exactly why I picked this chicken, but I love it! The best part was the embellishments including the painted dots, the super fancy buttons on the tail, the beaded neck fringe, the hand quilted spirals on the wings, and the hidden and not so hidden tattoos. My bird now sits on my computer and protects it from harm.
Chicken Bling

With a Tail to Tell
"No pictures, PLEASE!"


sher said...

Chickens are nifty. This chicken is super nifty. Perhaps he needs a girlfriend to keep him from harm while he keeps your computer from harm?


Judy said...

I'm a foul collector....just love your Shaman Chicken!!
and congrats on Houston!! You do such beautiful work!!!!

Sarah E. said...

You really are a gifted artist. I love your sense of the absurd!