Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Little Cities

Little Cities
97 x 96

Finally quilted and bound! Hurray! I can't say that this was the easiest pattern to quilt, as I typically avoid any pattern that has to be marked first. I much prefer a free form style of quilting. However, this quilt had so much going on, I really thought it needed some simple lines, and concentric circles really seemed the best solution and very congruent with the construction of the quilt top, concentric squares. See below for photo of the complete quilt top.


Unknown said...

I see a blue ribbon hanging next to that fabulous but seriously anal quilt (all of those perfect little satin stitched circles would make me bonkers) in houston this year. I can hardly wait to see it. what category did you enter it in?

Anonymous said...

Simply Stunning.... can't wait to see it on the floor in Houston. Just moved from Houston to Austin, and soooo glad to find and join such a vibrant Quilter community!