Friday, February 24, 2006

A Multicolored World

A Multicolored World
24" x 24"
This quilt went to Small Wonders last year. I didn't count, but it has about 3000 beads! It won 1st runner up! It was also juried into Beyond the Borders in Australia last summer.

This quilt was meant to show the beauty of differences among peoples. It reminds me of a saying I once heard that goes something like, "wherever I go, I wear you", which speaks to the influence we have on others we meet, even if only briefly.
 How it was made:
The center of these beaded medallions was painted with lumiere metallic acrylics and gel medium. I then stitched the round quilted pillows and embellished with seed beads, lots of them! Each block was individually machine quilted and then layered from the center out with fabric strips. There are over 500 different fabrics in this quilt! I gently laid tearable stabilizer on top of the strips and stitched a spiral shape with a simple running stitch. I then tore off the stabilizer and satin stitched the spirals. The sashing and borders were quilted separately. All the pieces were then butted up to each other and satin stitched. Then the fabric strips were laid down flat at the edges, overlapping where necessary and stay stitched in place. The center medallions were hand sewn last.

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I just love this one!