Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Houston Quilt Show

It has been a busy year!  And, I have a lot to show you!  Two of the quilts below won a prize in Houston this year! I can't wait to find out at the Award's Ceremony next Tuesday night when they announce the prizes.  Winning a prize in Houston is just an incredible honor!  In fact, it is a huge honor just to have your work selected to show in Houston.

I have won prizes in the past, but my journey has taken me to quite an unexpected place.  The first time I won a prize, it FELT validating.  Finally, it felt like my work was "good enough".  Good enough for what I have to ask now?  And, look at all the other quilts... all so so lovely.... weren't they "good enough" too?  For the most part, I would have to say yes, and be grateful that I am not or was not the judge trying to pick "winners".  I am not sure what winning means to me any more.  It is NOT about the competitive spirit and being better than any one else.  It is VERY nice that my work pleases others. But, it can do that regardless if it wins a prize or not.   It is VERY nice that I am awarded money for my work.  The best, absolute best reward my arts gives me is not a tangible one though.  It is about connecting with others.  It is about passing the inspiration on, letting the creative spirit flow through me and touching others.  And, having my quilts selected to show in Houston, increases the chance of that because the quilts are SEEN by others.  And, though my work does have a small following through this blog, and occasionally Pinterest, it is just NOT the same as seeing the fiber in it's real size and the colors and textures in person.  Size does matter.  It gives a different visceral experience standing in front of a work than seeing a thumbnail version of it on a flat computer screen.
Here are the thumbnails for you.  All of these will be in Houston this year!

Starting in the top left hand corner and working my way around:
Park Place, Tactile Architecture
Full House, IQA Auction
Triangulations, World of Beauty, Group Category
Cat Postcards, Friends for Life Fundraiser
Balance, Exquisite Moment by Dinner @ Eight Artists
Little Bird Too, IQA Auction
Little Bird, World of Beauty, Group Category
Windows, World of Beauty, Large Abstract Category
Dog "Adopt" Postcards, Friends for Life
You Are What You Eat, World of Beauty, Whimsical Category

And it IS rewarding to see my work hanging in Houston, but what am I looking forward to the most?  Seeing what everyone else has been up to!  I LOVE seeing all the quilt exhibits, and I just LOVE getting to visit with old friends and make new ones!  It is almost enough to nourish my soul until the next year's quilt show! 


Martha Tsihlas said...

Very well put Kathy! Congratulations, your work is inspirational! Hope to run into you in HOU!

Heidi said...

Congratulations to your prizes,well deserved :-)