Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Be Original
16" x 16"

Ah ha!!  Another one with Jamie Fingal's new fabric line with Hoffman Fabrics.  It is just so much fun to play with.   I love this little quilt.  Jamie is one of the most wonderfully original people I know!  I love the way she celebrates the good things!
This was so easy to make.  I fused the fabrics with Mistyfuse first, then cut the pieces while watching a movie last night.  I fused the top and the backing to some red-dyed batting, and it took about an hour to quilt.  All done and looking so spiffy!  I also added some hand painted dots, hard to resist those little dots!
I just love the whimsical design of the teacup on top of the little house!  Very cheerful!

1 comment:

Jamie Fingal said...

Truly a whimsical and fun quilt. Your work is absolutely amazing! I love the piece and all of your details.