Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Birthday Post

Yesterday was my birthday.  Lots to think about as my body and my mind slowly start to unwind.  As I reflect, I ponder what it means to me to be 52.  I look for perspective, on an astronomical scale....I wonder what I will do of significance on my next journey around the sun?  Will it be something spectacular?  A new adventure?  or more nagging at children and cleaning kitty litter?  Probably some of both.
If I lived on Mars, I would only be approaching my 28th birthday.  Not so meaningful because I don't know the life expectancy on Mars, especially considering there is no oxygen to breath or water to drink....hmm...I don't live on Mars, I live in Texas.  What if I set a goal to run across Texas?  If I wanted to complete my run in one year, it would mean jogging 2.4 miles per day.  That is completely doable, especially on my treadmill, with air conditioning and without the Texas heat...imagine what great shape my heart would be in by this time next year!
Til then, I am off to more physical therapy, appreciating the fact that I am still here, and loving the colorful bouquet from my mother.  Doesn't it look pretty with the back of a new pillow cover I made?


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathy!!! The flowers are lovely! I use to get my mother flowers on my birthday to say thank you to her! :)

I am 58 this year,and I keep wondering where life has gone, but so thankful I don't have to relive it. LOL My hubby will be 60 in a month, and I tease him I will be married to an old man! Just kidding~

Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful coming year, and accomplish what is most in your heart! ♥♥♥

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Kathy. I am only one year ahead of you. As I scrabble to hang on, my advice is that whatever you WANT to do, seize it now. Do it now. Put nothing aside except that which you must to remain happy in other areas of your life! Be a GREAT old Lady...when you get there.

Susan Tennison said...

Happy Birthday, Kathy! Enjoy your age! You are the sum of all your experiences up to this point - just think about what a ride it has been! And, yes, it does include cleaning out the litter box(es).