Thursday, November 08, 2012

On the Quilt Scene with Quilting Arts

I knew that my quilts were being considered for publication in this magazine, but I didn't know if they had gotten in or not....until someone got a copy and told me.  It was pretty exciting, but I was looking forward to seeing for myself.  Then I got a copy and I was blown away!  The images were so beautiful and they gave me close ups of my work.  TOO NICE!  Thank you so much Quilting Arts!  And the other photos in this issue were awesome, some of my absolute favorites.  Feels like this issue was made just for me!
On the Quilt Scene, Community Gardens

Show catalog, and on the Quilt Scene- Tree
And, I am a fairly good photographer, if I do say so myself! But I have a hard time getting the colors accurate, and well, these photos are perfect! 
And, after arriving at the quilt show in Houston on Sunday, we got a show catalog.  Low and behold, one of my quilts was in the catalog.  It was for the exhibit Rituals, and my quilt Morning Commute with Sweet Jane was there! 

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Wonderful for you :-)