Monday, June 20, 2011

Doing the Work
Working in my studio can mean long hours, bent over the floor, the sewing machine, or the cutting table.  As I am engrossed in my work, I forget to eat sometimes, or take breaks.  It doesn't take too long before my body reminds me that I need to move or stretch or get out for a walk.  Here is a view of my favorite walk.  It is a 2 mile round trip from my house.  It is a hilly walk, and should take me about 30 minutes, but it always takes longer.  I get to this spot, to turn around and I linger.  The view is just so incredible, I have to stop and take it in.
And now, a contrast, the view in my studio. It all starts here, you can't get anywhere if you don't do the work. And for me this picture sums it up. It all starts with a stack of fabric and gets transformed into an amazing work that I can feel proud of. And while these photos may seem unrelated they are integral to each other. I have to get out and enjoy nature and drink in life, and in so doing life gets wrapped back into my work, an expression of some inspiration, or experience.  Walking clears my head and nourishes my body, the art feeds my soul.


M-R Charbonneau said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! I love the bright, happy colours! What a beautiful view from your walk--with a view like that, I'm not surprised the walk is longer either.

Sue Dennis said...

Would have to agree with taking a walk for the body & spirit & art for the soul!