Saturday, August 28, 2010

What you can do with Urban Landscapes?

Well, you've seen a number of my projects, so today I am going to show you what a few other people have done. This lovely photo of floating squares is just awesome! I LOVE it!!! It was made by Sheri over at the Quilt Store in Austin, TX. I love the way she floated the cool colors on top of the warm ones and then alternated it. It is going to be a table runner.

Aside: if you haven't been to the Quilt Store in a while, you owe yourself a visit. The fabrics are luscious and inspiring. It will make you want to sew even if you don't know how!!

Also, Nancy has received my gift bag stuffed with fat quarters and has blogged about it here. She promises to make something with it soon, so we will be checking back with her. She has a cool blog, so maybe you will want to pop over and visit anyway!

And...we have Clothworks. Joyce has made this cool Messenger bag! It was inspired by the circles from my quilt, Urban Circles. It is wonderful though. I just LOVE the pattern.

And now that I have finished my extremely time intensive project for Quilt National, I am free to sew on other projects again! Hurray! I love finishing a big project! And, next up, curtains for my daughter's room with Urban Landscapes. She has been waiting a while and now is getting rather excited!


deanna7trees said...

sheri did a great job with the floating squares. i love it.

Gerrie said...

I love that. These graphic fabrics will find many great uses, Kathy!

Barbara B. said...

Oh, it's a so fantastic Quilt. I love thedesign.

folksmith said...

is there a pattern for the floating squares blocks? it really is lovely.

Kathy York said...

Surely there must be a pattern for it, but I don't have it. You might trying following the link to the Quilt Store and asking them if they have a pattern for it. The quilter who made it, Sherri, works there.