Friday, February 24, 2006

Like a Fish Out of Water -
Journal Quilt 2005 - January
Private Collection
Like a Fish Out of Water is part one of a series of five describing a difficult situation at my son's school. It describes the feeling of not being in the right place. The fish here are suspended in air (not a viable option for fish); photographed on a black background. They are held in place by beaded wires representing arbitrary rules.
The quilt is made by creating the open frame with timtex, batting and fabric, and then machine quilted once the copper wires from the center were inserted. The spirals on the border were hand stamped and dotted with copper paint. The fish pillows are satin stitched, painted and embellished with copper wire. This quilt was published in the Quintessential Quilt, the commemorative catalog of the 2005 International Quilt Festival.


Connie said...

My favorite!!

Cindra said...

Great concept and beautiful work.

Rayna said...

Kathy - these are gorgeous! I love the one with all the buttons. What happy pieces!

Ann Morrell said...

Thanks for sharing the technique as well as the finished quilt.

Diane Doran said...

All your quilts are beautiful! How clever to suspend the fish in this one.