Monday, January 06, 2014


10" x 7"
My first quilt for the new year!  This little quilt was made for a SAQA exhibit called, "This is a Quilt". I love this exhibit!  All SAQA members are invited to submit a quilt in this tiny size parameters and then all the quilts are split into a number of different collections. The collections will travel around for 3 years to many different venues to teach and inform about art quilts and the various techniques and materials used.  And since the quilts will be attached to black mat boards and put in plastic sleeves, the viewer is allowed to get up close to inspect the quilts. It is a little exposure for the artist, but mostly I just like participating.
Except...I wish I had selected an easier idea to implement...  (Not the first time I have felt this way about my art!!  ha!).  I made seventy little self contained blocks for this quilt.  They were made from my stash of batiked, discharged, and overdyed stripes, as seen in several of my other 3D projects (here and here).  This time I started as if the blocks would be 3D towers, but instead of filling them, I just put a tiny layer of batting inside, and closed the backs up.  Then hand stitched them together in a grid to form the quilt.  It was an interesting process, and I love the rich colors and textures created by the way in which the blocks are sewn.  Very cool!
The back of one of the little square blocks.


Rachel Parris said...

Very cool indeed, Kathy.

Desiree's Designs said...

Wow, you are brave and now my hero. I want to get up close and see that! I am entering one too, not nearly that detailed! Love yours!

Kathy York said...

thanks Rachel and Desiree!

Hilary Florence said...

This is a little gem of a quilt. i'm glad you put in the photo of you holding one of the pieces, because it gives a true impression of size. Your right, the colours are gorgeous, the variation in printing fascinating. Where will it be shown in the next 3 years?
Hilary Florence

Kathy York said...

The last time I participated in this venue (hosted by SAQA, see link in the sidebar), they had so many that they divided the little quilts into 7 sets of quilts. Each set was sent to different places. I have no idea which set my quilt will be in. And the venues for the selections are a very on-going and fluid process. Sadly, I don't have information about that either. If I find out, I will definitely post a follow up! Thanks so much for your interest and your nice comments!