Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Urban Daisy

Urban Daisy
92" x 92"

Is this a modern quilt?  I'm not good at categories, but I can say that I love the way this one came out.  This quilt was made from the leftovers of my batik test from fabric testing.  It is so warm and cheerful and bright and BIG!  It lights up my room!  I look forward to quilting it, but for now, I am taking it down to work on a few other, smaller projects.  My goal for this one is to have it quilted in time to enter IQA's new exhibit The Modern Quilt Guild Showcase.

Now, back to work....


Jamie Fingal said...

A BiG WOW! Love those vibrant colors - they just say "here I am and smile at me, better yet shout." The colors are stunningly beautiful. Keep up the good work! It is certainly a show stopper. I would love to see it in person hanging at IQF Houston.

Kathy York said...

Thanks Jamie! I would love to see it in Houston too!