Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Both Sides Now

International Quilt Festival solo exhibit

I am starting to think that this really might happen!  All my quilts are now in Houston.  And, I have designed a postcard to promote and celebrate the event.  And, the cards have arrived!  They are so beautiful!  I am very happy with the quality of my cards from Moo.

My optimism and hope are fighting with my realism and weekly covid projections.  I am astutely aware of the Covid crisis in Houston.  Their hospitals are full.  The Delta variant is rampant.  I had a solo exhibit in Houston once before, in 2016.  It was fantastic! I stood in front of my exhibit almost every hour that it was open.  I talked to so many wonderful and supportive people.  But things are different now.  If I decide to go, I will only be there for one day.  I am worried that very few people will come to the show.  And, my brain knows that fewer people will be safer. I am also worried that having so few people at the show will be another difficult economic hit for the Houston show to remain operational. I am worried that the people who will come are the ones who won't be vaccinated and think wearing a mask means hanging it so low that their noses stick out (which personally freaks me out). Many of my friends are not going.  It is the most special time every year because this is when we connect in person.  It feels like my presence there will be a constant reminder of everyone I love who is not there.  I expect to feel some grief with my bliss of my show, which complicates things. In a word, bittersweet. How appropriate that the event will iterate the theme of the exhibit, two sides: FEAR and JOY.

If you end up going to the show, I hope you will stop by and see my exhibit! And, drop me a line! 

As for these postcards, I have some special envelopes coming that fit these postcards perfectly! That way, I will not have to put an address label and cover some of the images.  The first 5 are already spoken for, but the other 20 are for you, first come first serve.  Comment on my blog that you want one, (when I get 20 comments, that means they are all spoken for) and send me an email (kakiyork at with your mailing address. I will send you one! 



Lawren Ann said...

I would like a postcard ! How do I get you my address privately? They are beautiful!

Kathy York said...

Lawren Ann, Fantastic! You are my first! You can email it to me.