Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Winds of Change: Caterpillar part 2

The part where my humps turn into blobs...
The triangles are new for me.  I couldn't decide if I wanted them looking like arrows, OR rather scattered like above.  (yeah, you guessed which one I picked!)

Also, I had reservations about working with these equilateral triangles, because some of those sides are going to be kind of stretchy.  So I watched this tutorial first by Mathew Boudreaux (aka Mister Domestic). It was super helpful! I found the triangles easy to cut, easy to stitch, however, stitching the rows together was more difficult.
After I pieced enough of them together, I used a freezer paper template to cut out the shape I wanted from both the triangle section and the background piece, then pinned and stitched.
This first one is more hump than blob, but the shapes morphed as I continued to work.  You can see some of the variations below.  Then I stitched the blocks together, added some green, lime green, and more black stripes.  Here is the beginning of this panel!
I love this!  The colors actually appear more congruent in real life than this photo.  Color management and photography continues to be my nemesis!! But the shapes, the shapes are so good.  Can you guess which caterpillar this pattern comes from?

Two more panels after this one, stay tuned! Hope you are having some lovely creative time!

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