Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Now Showing

My quilt, Crowded House, is showing June 19 - September 6, 2015 at the Kennedy Museum of Art.  This lovely venue is in Ohio and right down the street from the Dairy Barn and Quilt National.  And, while my work was not selected to be in Quilt National this time around, it's nice to know that it is close by! This was my crazy project about counting all the stuff in my house, inspired by the Story of Stuff.  What do you think?  Too much?


Aunt TC said...

What size is this quilt? How do you do the writing of the words? Thanks.

Kathy York said...

Thanks for asking! The quilt is 72" x 72", which was the required size for this exhibit. I ironed freezer paper on the back side, and then experimented with pens, to find one that would not bleed, or would not bleed if it got wet. Artist Pitt pens worked for me! They are all free hand drawn, and the first letter of each word was carefully painted with red fabric paint. You can see more about this project if you click on the label "earth stories" which can be found in the sidebar.