Saturday, May 04, 2013

New Quilt and Etsy Store

Speaking of pillows, I posted a few new listings in my Etsy store (shop has been closed) not too long ago.
These two sparkling gems....
see the back here
I just happened to notice that one of my favorite items in the store had not sold yet, two sets of individually batiked window blocks, in the warm color palette, below (see other quilts with these blocks, here and here).  And, I promised myself that if they did NOT sell, I would remove them from the store and use them myself....which is exactly what happened.  And, I am sorry if no one else got to use them, but I would definitely be happy to make some more if asked!  :)
Here's what I did to them.  First, I auditioned some fabrics to go with them.

I couldn't decide, so I knew it wasn't quite right.  Then I decided to chop them up and sew them back together.  And I added a few blocks of solid colors, red, pink and white. It was fun!  It was fast!  And it was EASY!  That is not usually a word I use too much, as my brain tends to seek out the difficult. 
 But, back to the topic at hand.  I love this new construction so much, that I find myself sitting and staring at it.  I know it still needs to be quilted, but I just want to look at it, mesmerized by the movement and pretty colors.  
Enjoy!  and thanks for stopping by!


Lisa Chin said...

I love the new arrangement! I can see why you just want to sit and stare at it. The color and movement are fabulous!

Kathy York said...

Thanks Lisa!

Iris said...

Ditto what Lisa said!