Friday, September 28, 2012

New Work for Art Box CSA
8" x 8"

I am not sure of the launch date, end of Oct? First of Nov? (Art Box CSA is now closed.  Thank you for your support!) However it is coming up.  And, I have been working on some new ideas.  The first references work that I have done earlier, and I still really like the simplicity of the design and the colors.  This series is called Grey House.  The new part about this set is that I started working with a neutral gray and white palette for the background squares.  I love the way it helps the turquoise and other bright colors practically jump right out of the box! 
Grey House
The second set was inspired by a new batik fabric I have been working on for a completely different project.  I made enough to have extra to use on the Art Box pieces, combined with a zipper and a flower, it is delightful!  I hope you will think so too.  I love the way this piece has so many different levels, from the bottom layer which is exposed from the open zipper, to the middle level of the yellow background, and last, the top level of the quilted flower with the center cut out.  The flower is also one of my batiks, mentioned in an earlier post.
Zip Flower
Be sure and visit our Art Box website for the sale of these beauties.  I'll let you know when, and til then there are still a few left from our initial offering!

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