Monday, August 01, 2011

SAQA Gallery
This month my quilt, Doors Across Austin, will be featured in the SAQA Gallery exhibit called This Land is Your Land.  I am proud that my quilt was chosen for this on-line exhibit!  And as we all struggle with so many things in our lives, this quilt is dedicated to my son and his life (and ours) with autism.
detail of Doors Across Austin


Lynette said...

Congratulations! I went and looked at the quilt's other posting, and that is a remarkable quilt - it's like it has its own soul, almost, that speaks out to me.

Mary Couch said...

As a retired elementary teacher, I look at this quilt and think about the children who would arrive, with their heads down, discouraged... my first goal was to get the chin up, a smile on the face. Then and only then could true learning happen.
I simply love this quilt.
Hugs from Mary

kathy york said...

I never smiled as much as when I was a teacher! I always thought that my smile might be the first one some of the kids would see of the day. It was wonderful!
However, for my son, going to school makes him hide his head in his shirt or his whole body inside his shirt. The sensory overload is just too much for him. The photo of him on this quilt was taken with his permission, and captures his "school spirit".

Barb in Mi said...

Congratulations! Your quilt is incredible - I agree with Lynn: it speaks to all of us!