Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Full House
7" x 7 1/2"
I made this tiny quilt last fall as a bit of a diversion. Just didn't realize that I hadn't posted it yet, or is it possible I have already posted it and just forgot about it?
Anyway, the green layer was quilted separately, then I cut out the holes and handstitched them to keep from fraying, and also to add some more lovely color. Then I quilted a background (the orange layer). Next, I zig-zagged the edges of the green layer on top of the orange layer. It makes a pocket to stuff the little worry dolls inside. They look happy and I had fun, so decided to share with you!

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Jodi said...

How adorable! My nieces would love those. I just found you through Malka Dubrawsky, one of my heroes! :-)