Saturday, January 01, 2011

Fresh Start to a New Year
"I have been anticipating the beginning of this project since I heard about it.  I have always wanted to sketch more and make a sketchbook, but my participation has been sketchy (ha, ha, please forgive the pun!)..."

This is how my new blog starts. It is called Kathy York Sketchbook Project. You can find it here (or see the link in my sidebar). You can find more info about the Sketchbook Project here, or click on the badge in my sidebar. My participation is strictly voluntary, but it looks like so much fun to me! And though I am less interested in the prizes that they are giving away, the real gift for me is learning to draw better, and a commitment to making art every day and feed my soul.

For my fiber art fans, please do not worry.  I am still making fiber art, art quilts, etc., but the pace has slowed down significantly with the new day job of homeschooling my son. 

Happy New Year!


MarveLes Art Studios said...

Kathy, I appreciate your blog comments today... and particularly about the sketchbook, challenges, etc. Ah.. and my fear of sketching... but oh my gosh --- daily? But I will look forward to trying it, and seeing your inspiration as well! Blessings and Thank You!

ARTfor12 said...
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Margeeth said...

I can imagine you having less time to make fiberart when homeschooling your son, it's quite a job to do, I really admire you for it and for sticking to it.
Great idea to do one sketch idea, that way you still get to do something creative every day.

kathy york said...

Well, this is frustrating. Artfor12 posted a comment on my blog, and blogger said that I deleted it. And I didn't delete it. Very odd. And I can't find a way to undelete the comment. So, Artfor12, my apologies to you, and thanks for writing.
As for sketching everyday, I am not anticipating masterpieces, just opening a new file, and making some marks, daily. We'll see how it goes!