Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Commission Quilts Completed!
These past several months I have been busy working on these two commission quilts. It has been an interesting project and one that I have felt honored to be included in. These quilts were made in memory of Walter S. Piskun, M.D., an amazing and gifted man from all accounts. He was a Colonel in the army, a neurosurgeon, an avid golfer, and a loving a husband and father to 6 children. I made these quilts for 2 of his children, from his shirts. They are lap quilts 50" x 74" designed with help from my client. It has been a long time since I have worked with traditional patterns, but I really loved the project. It was like returning to my roots, and had the added benefit of being rich with meaning and comfort. I hope they are well loved and well used in their new homes!


Cindy said...

These are very cool. What a lovely reminder of everything this man has done.

Dotti said...

It must have been very gratifying to handle the shirts as they lovingly became a part of these quilts. I had the experience of finishing a quilt a grandmother had started over 50 years ago...most of the fabrics were from the 50's and were scraps left over from all kinds of sewing projects! The granddaughter who commissioned me to finish the quilt even had a picture of herself as a young girl wearing a dress granny had made; those dress scraps and a photo transfer became a part of the quilt's label!

jojo said...

How touching and you did a wonderful job:)