Saturday, August 29, 2009

I ordered postcards last week from Overnight Prints and they have finally arrived. For a mere $5, you can get 25 postcards with your choice of 1 side only or 2 sides. Most of these are one side only. The top left is two sided, and the back side is in the next photo.
Left to right starting at the top,
Little Fish in a Big City (at Quilt National), Building UP (IQF Houston),
Center Row
A Few of My Favorite Things (Edges, at IQF), Falling Through the Cracks (IQF), and Duck and Cover (A Sense of Humor, SAQA, at IQF)
Bottom Row
Red Legged Bird with a Tale to Tell (Tactile Architecture, IQF)

I like the postcards on the white background better. Without an exception, they all came out darker than my monitor (which was calibrated). This was a bit disappointing, but the quality of the cards was really nice and the price was exceptional. Just wish I could learn to manipulate my files better to get a more predictable and accurate color representation of my art.


Barb Forrister said...

They all photographed really well but Little Fish In A Big City shows so much depth. It's a beautiful piece. Good to catch up with you yesterday.

Melissa ;-) said...

They are gorgeous!

Rachel Parris said...

I can send you my address in case you don't have it. :-)

Cindy said...

Love the postcards! Yes, white background does seem better. It always seems to me that printing always comes out darker. My son tells me you just have to make allowances for that in the software before printing. I say it should print what may mind sees it as! :)

qwerty said...

Oh these look wonderful! I like the white background, however I'm partial to black so I actually prefer the black background.

Postcards instead of (or in combo with) business cards is an amazing idea.