Monday, May 18, 2009

Still breathing.
Well, today was the last day to finish my entry for Houston, unless I planned to drive there tomorrow (which I was hoping to avoid). Got it in the mail this morning for overnight delivery. It turns out that being overly ambitious in the scope of my project, thus resulting in delays, costs more to send. Today, I feel blessed that I have the entire day to catch up on the mundane tasks that await me.

My quilt is called Building Up. I will post a sneak peak of the back for you, before all the quilting was completed. The quilt has a real presence in the room. It keeps asking me if it is going to Houston or not. Sadly, I have no answer. I feel like I should have a good idea, at this point in my career, but I don't. This quilt is a bit of a departure from my norm, so I am unsure again. Though there are elements that may be recognized as my style, in some ways I wonder if the design is too simple. Then I realize that for me, simple is hard to do. I will just have to stop thinking about it and wait to hear the jury's verdict!


Allie said...

I can't imagine a quilt of yours NOT being juried in anywhere. I'm anxious to see it and hear the news!

PaMdora said...

Hi Kathy, wish I had read this earlier -- I was planning on entering this year, but now I've missed the deadline. I hear that you've saved a few other with your timely post though, so good job!