Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quilt National 2009
at the Dairy Barn, Athens, OH
As you drive down a narrow brick paved road, bordered by old academic buildings, farmhouses, and oddly, solar panels, it is not hard to miss the Dairy Barn when you come to it. Our first 'event' was a showing, just for the exhibiting artists on Friday. It was so incredible, and hard to focus. The art was breath-taking and inspiring, and the artists were there to talk about their work! It just couldn't get any better! As we came in, we were greeted with a gift bag with our Quilt National 2009 books. It was fun to rush around, getting everyone to sign their photos in the book. I had so much fun meeting people who's work I have admired for years. AND it was fun to talk about my work as well. I was super happy to see my quilt displayed so well, on this tilted platform. I had designed it to be hung, but this was so much better!!
Some of my favorite quilts? Paula Kovarik, Marianne Burr, Erin Wilson, Pam RuBert, Inge Hueber, Ruth deVos, Judy Rush, Elizabeth Barton, Sandra Woock, Patricia Goffette, Jane Lloyd, Ellen Zak Danforth...ah the list is too long!! I met: Mathea Daunheimer in front of her Suzhou Street Scene.
Here is Alison Schwabe with Timetracks 7. She is busy telling us all about her metallic waxes.
Sue Cavanaugh with Ori-Kume #1 (proud winner of the Lynn Goodwin Borgman Award for Surface Design. This piece is super yummy. I just love the effects she got!! Sorry my snapshot just doesn't do it justice. Hope you get to see this one in real life, but if not, the photo in the book is really good too!
Next up, Susan Else and I are clowning around with her Nothing to Fear skeleton. Yes, the entire surface is quilted. It is amazing and I have admired Susan's work for years too. What a thrill to see her new work in person!!
 Susan Krueger and Swallowing Roses and proud winner of the Cathy Rasmussen Emerging Artist Memorial Award. I love this piece, and it packs quite an evocative punch, but in a good way, if you know what I mean.
 Paula Chung and White Rose XIII. This piece was incredible! The sheen of the silk difficult to capture in the photo.
And, at dinner Saturday night, Lora Rocke, me, Kathleen Dawson, Sue Cavanaugh, and Bob Adams. Our hosts, David and Susan Hostetler were incredibly generous sharing their lovely home, and a tour of David's carving studios. His sculptures were all around the grounds of their lovely home, it was fabulous!!
Last, having fun with Susan Else and Pat Pauly. I have no memory of what we were talking about, except the good feelings from laughing so hard with new friends!
And as I wind it up, it is impossible to capture the entire weekend in a single blog entry. Many wonderful conversations and experiences. I am so happy I was able to go. Go if you get the chance. If not, check out the venues for the traveling collections and go to one or ALL of those!! Last, get the book, Quilt National, 2009; The Best of Contemporary Quilts. The photos are really great, though there is nothing like being in the presence of these incredible works!


Laura Wasilowski said...

Oh I wish I could have been there! What a great time!

Nellie's Needles said...

Thanks for sharing your being there and some of those amazing quilts.

Jamie Fingal said...

Thank you for sharing all of your pictures with the artists and their work. I can't imagine how thrilled you were to be there and have a piece in this prestigious show! I am so thrilled for you!