Sunday, May 27, 2007

Batik - Grid Series
Our art bee took a surface design class to learn all about batik, dyeing, over-dyeing, and pole wrap shibori, and clamp shibori. We were attempting to make some complex cloth by adding layer upon layer of dyes. I seem to have gotten stuck on the simple mono-layer though. All of these designs were stamped in wax with found objects (okay, some were found in Home Depot--but I wasn't looking for them when I found them). Then I either brushed dye with a large foam brush or meticulously hand painted the dye inside the shapes. The dye painting was done in one session, no overdyeing in this group of samples. I also had previously soaked the fabric in soda ash before starting as this seemed to work better than soaking after I applied the wax.


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Great designs Kathy!

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