Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cover Girl!! Fauna makes the cover of Quilting Arts Magazine!
I couldn't have been more pleased when I found out my seahorse panel was going to be on the cover of Quilting Arts Magazine! The reality of it blew my socks off! The photography and graphic layout are phenomenal (if I do say so myself!). Below you will see a photo of the entire quilt which was given an 8 page spread in Quilting Arts, also an amazing display!
Fauna was made by Frances Holliday Alford, Kathy York, Vickie Hallmark, Julie John Upshaw, and Judy Coates Perez (left to right). I feel very honored to be included in this group of amazing artists. They had been making group quilts long before I was making anything resembling an art quilt. I still remember being asked to join in this latest project. "SURE," I said, no pressure!!
P.S. This issue also has a very lovely article about my quilt Synchronized Swimming and how to make it. The photos are also quite amazing! AND there's more, I'm not finished yet. This issue also features an amazing quilter and friend of mine, Frances Holliday Alford who has many quilts in a special article featuring her! Kudos!

63" x 45"


Anonymous said...

The quilt is amazing and the article is excellent! I loved reading about each artist's different approach.

Helen said...


Anonymous said...

It was SUCH a good issue this time - I loved how you all got such good write ups and great images! GO YOU!!

I especially loved seeing the detail on Synchronized Swimming - one day I hope to see your quilt In Real Life, cos I'm sure even the good photos that Pokey and her team take don't really do it justice.

Oh, and something I've been meaning to ask you - when you ship Synchronized Swimming to a show, do you have to include instructions on how to make all the fish stand up again? Do they get squished in shipping?

kathy york said...

I was so nervous about shipping Synchronized Swimming. And, I wasn't on the receiving end, but apparently it held up pretty well. Now, I use leftover strips of quilted batting stuffed around quite a few of the rings of fish. Sometimes I safety pin the batting in place. Then I saftey pin small photos next to the relevant fish. I have to impose on the unpacking team to straighten any stray tales. So far, it has gone really well. People have been extremely nice, gracious, and helpful. I have been truly inspired by the kindness of people I have never met!

Unknown said...

KATHY!!! This is awesome! I hope I'm not too late to find an issue somewhere.

My mother and I were just talking about recognizing artist's work, have you had the experience of someone seeing a quilt and just "knowing" that it was yours?