Thursday, March 16, 2006

Visions of Grandeur
12" x 12"
Fine Focus 2006
I was inspired to create this little quilt during a brief obsession with a celebrity. Hence, the sleeping fish dreams of a better, somehow, more glamorous life. I love the fish's beautiful dream and it has helped me appreciate everything I have during my conscious hours. The fish and the pillow are both 3D quilt pillows.

I sent 3 entries to Fine Focus. And even though I like this one the best, I was surprised that it was chosen because it took the least amount of time to make. I tend to labor under the false assumption my art needs to be the most tedious and labor intensive undertaking that I can possibly imagine. Check out to see the other artists included in this exhibit!

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Laree said...

Hi Kathy, I used to quilt and was so excited to see yours! I love the one with the bird, and the squares and the explosions, oh heck I loved them all! I make goddess beads now and I would love to give you some to put in a future quilt. Come see my beads if you have some spare time.
I am using some new glazes which I expect to fire later this month that I think you might be interested in. They will be shades of green and blue, and hopefully splashes of red, if the firing goes well. I don't have pics of the new glazed work yet because I still need to fire them but you can see the other beads I make using red iron oxide and a black clay. Sincerely, Janna