Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Prism #1
14" x 14"

The inspiration: I was playing with Copic markers again, and wanted to explore the idea of transparency.

So fun!  I decided to make a small quilt, just to see how it would look.
I decided to use batik so that I could see exactly how the dyes look when overdyed. Overdyeing also looks different than just mixing two liquid dyes and getting that color.

But first, I confess, my dyes are really old.  So, I tried a dye test, both to rule out dyes that no longer worked, and also to select which dyes I liked enough to use for this project.  Here is the red test, though, it also has a few oranges in it.
The above photo was taken just after the dye was applied.  Now, I had to wait overnight and then rinse them out.  As suspected, one of the dyes faded to a very light pink.  However, I did find the red that I liked, it was the second from the top.
Next up, applying the wax for the first round of warm colored dyes:
While the space was still a bit empty, I decided to play with the design of the second round of dyes.  I cut card stock into strips, cut them into different lengths, played around with the layout and took a photo for later reference:
In retrospect, I find it funny now, because I did not refer to the photo when I was ready for the next step.  However, sometimes, you just have to respect your own process, and apparently, this was mine.
Let's add some dye!  Yay! I mixed 14 different warm colors and set about to fill in all the spaces with dye.
Yes, that's the dye test at the bottom (it is dry), the dyes on the top part of the photo are wet (thus darker and more intense).
After waiting overnight again, rinsing with a garden hose, and boiling out the first layer of wax, it was ready to be re-pinned to the frame and the next layer of wax added.
This is the part where the excitement builds.  I simply cannot wait to add the next set of colors.  Off to the laundry room to mix up 8 cool colors.
Just WOW!! I LOVE this so much!  Also, wondering how something that looks so simple can be so much work??
Waiting, waiting, overnight again for dyes to process, and then rinse again with the garden hose before boiling out this round of wax.
Unfortunately, there was another delay.  Patience is not my strong suit, but there was no choice.  One of the green dyes was too old and washed out at this stage.  Into the trash, and remix another green while the wax is still on.  I painted the new green over the old washed out green, in just one little rectangular space, and then had to wait again, overnight.....
Then, a mad rush to quilt it.
This also had a bit of a delay.  I did about a third of the quilt in dense matchstick style quilting.  It looked so bad, it made me want to cry.  Instead, I sat down with the seam ripper, and pulled it all out.  Then I had to attempt to "erase" all the holes made by the sewing machine needle.  I got lucky and this worked amazingly well.  Then I set about to quilt in in a minimalist design.  Ha, ha! This still required changing the thread colors a bazillion times. But, it looks good, and I am happy. Whew!
I decided to go for a very simple facing to finish the edges because I did not want a binding to interfere with the simplicity of the design elements.
And while I was working, the sun was setting, and THIS HAPPENED!!!
The light coming through the window separated and made a rainbow on the back of my little quilt, hence the name, Prism.
The finished quilt:
This will be my entry for Splash of Color, which is a member's challenge at Visions Art Museum. It opens Oct 19, 2019 and runs til Jan 19, 2020.  It will be available for purchase and half the proceeds will go towards supporting Visions Art Museum.  Fantastic!


Diane said...

Great quilt! Perfect name. I enjoyed your process. Thank you for sharing.

Kathy York said...

Diane, thank you and you're welcome!

Stacy said...

Very Cool! I love me some little quilts! So fun! (and quick-mostly) LOL

Kathy York said...

Thanks Stacy! After working for so many months on the blue quilt, this was a very nice diversion and fun to finish relatively quickly!