Thursday, February 02, 2012

New Pillows and How Scary is This??

Okay, the first two photos, NOT scary.  I had a few experiments with some batik, and thought it would be lovely to see some of Malka Dubrawsky's new fabric line, A Stitch in Color, and see if they look good together.  We use a similar style and color palette, so I was hoping.....YES!! It looks fabulous together!  I look forward to these two projects....and wishing I had access to more of her line to play with.  The store I went to, only had a few of hers...but it looks good, yes? (Mine is on the right side, Malka's is on the left).
Update:  I just ordered MORE of Malka's fabric at Marmalade Fabrics, as there was a link on Malka's blog.  Yeah!  I can't wait until they arrive!
 This is the scary part.  I love, love, love the quilt top.  But it is really, really, really big.  And, my machine has not been feeling well lately.  It's been sewing with big birds' nests on the back.  And if you don't know what that is, you are lucky.  And if you do know what that is, I am sorry that you know!  lol!  Suffice to say, it's not pretty.  And everything I did to "fix" the problem, did absolutely nothing. For two days!! Frustrating!!  Meanwhile, I want to start sewing this big, mammoth, gigantic quilt but now I am scared.  And it is physically difficult to move around in interesting patterns under the machine...and, I don't want to mess it up!!  Twenty seconds of courage and the first stitch is going okay.


Martha Ginn said...

Kathy, I feel your pain! (Bird's nests on the back side) I had a couple of hours of this until my machine finally coughed up a teeny-tiny wisp of shredded thread out of the top tension, and voila--beautiful stitches again. I had changed needle, thread, bobbin, rethreaded everything, tried to clean everything I could reach with pipe cleaner, but I could see a little hairy bit in that long slot on the front. Good luck on your big project. I love your work!
Martha Ginn

Kathy York said...

Hi Martha,
Thanks for writing. Nice to know that I am not alone with the birds nest problem, and good to hear you found a solution. I also practically took my machine apart looking for a problem. Eventually, I gave up with the thread that I love, and the one that has worked so well in the past, and opted for a stronger thread that wouldn't keep breaking. It is working for now, but hoping I can return to using my old favorite.

sonja said...

also there are those thin, thin plastc like washers that drop into bobbin case before bobbin. Genie somthing...i got some when i got my Supreme Slider sheets.
when i had that problem with the Jenome , that tangle nest, i had a bad bobbin case.Plastic aged Bernina 830 Record behaves nicer.