Thursday, October 16, 2008

Batik Pillow
My daughter has been experimenting with my wax pot. I don't let her play with the dyes, though I probably should. Instead, she applies the wax and then directs me and tells me where to put the colors. I usually give her a choice of 3 or 4 to use. She made one big piece, whole cloth, but not quite big enough for a pillow. So she picked the solid fuschia for the edges, and asked me to make the pillow for her. She asked for the "eel" to be put on the front. I added the quilting to help the eel stand out a bit more. Here's the close up.
Here's the whole pillow on my IKEA couch. (She picked the couch cover for that too!, I didn't mind though, it looks great in my purple studio)

And finally the back of the pillow. My first time making a pillow with a button closure. I had to learn how to make buttonholes with my new sewing machine (by that I mean it is 6 years old). I really like the designs on the back of her pillow. We were surprised when the raspberry dye totally disappeared into a neutral (I think the dye was too old, duh!). But we just added more wax and overdyed again. It is interesting!
Next, these are the fabrics I have been making with my wax pot and dyes. I am super happy with this collection and plan on starting a new quilt as soon as possible.

Until then, a quick one day project to get me started again. This simple tote looks great and is so bright, you can find it in the dark! Also a first, I had never made a tote before, nor a lining. For this tote I quilted the front and back and the strap. I made a lining in a bright color so that it is easy to see my cell phone. And added a small pocket to the inside. I had never made a lining before either, and found it easier than I expected. A lot of firsts, and now I have a new bag to carry! Fun!! p.s. these fabrics were all made with found objects. I'll fill you in more in a post in Nov.


Tina Marie Rey said...

I love, love, Love it!
IT is fabulous!

She did a great job with the design!

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Kathy, that is one Very Cool Pillow! I love it!

Karen Newman Fridy said...

How cool that your daughter gets in on the fun with you! Love what you did...the colors are awesome, and tell her that I love the eel!

Unknown said...

Cute tote, look forward to seeing you using it very soon.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is so fortunate to have a MOM that takes the time to do fun art projects with her!
Good for you.
I like the idea of using the wax, the pillow looks great!
Thanks also for commenting on my granddaughters artwork.
She is thrilled to hear other people comment.
Debbie Babin

Laura Wasilowski said...

Wow! Beautiful fabrics. And the color...really rich!

Kathy York said...

Thanks everyone for visiting! My daughter was so very excited reading all your wonderful comments about her work. I guess she is like me more than I realized, because I really like reading positive comments too! Go figure!
Now it's time to get back to work, thanks again for stopping by,

Anonymous said...

Creativity abounds! Love the pillow and the tote.
Love, Mom