Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cat Girl is at it Again!
I found this new shirt stuffed in the back of my daughter's closet with a cat drawn on it. Confirmed....she has found the markers!  Fortunately, she was not home for me to yell at and squelch her creativity. I had some time to relax and regroup! Then I started thinking, no wonder she drew on her clothes! This is the norm around here, a whole different paradigm than when I was a kid! Huh??

When she got home, I calmly asked her not to draw on her new school clothes (no yelling involved), I praised her fabulous cat design, and then bought her some more t-shirts for her to decorate. She is busy doing that now. I will upload her photos tomorrow. Meanwhile, I took her shirt, with her permission and kind guidance, I carefully painted her cat. She instructed with colors and patterns. Obviously, I couldn't control myself when it came to dots, so I had to add some of those. These were stamped with a socket from the garage.  Living the good life!

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