Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Art Quilt Bee
12" x 12"
Private Collection

These fish represent all the members of my art quilt bee. We make wonderful group quilts together and really enjoy each other's company. In this quilt, we are swimming away from the boring buttons representing our daily chores and towards the ring of pearls. It is hand quilted with cotton craft thread in a large spiral. I bound it with copper adhesive tape. The fish are 3D pillows and embellished with: fusible applique, copper tape, fabric paint, copper wire, copper beads, stamped, copper painted tyvek, machine quilted with copper thread, a copper painted washer, beads and embroidery floss. The spiral in the center was my first time to play with metallic foils. I love it! This piece is about the spirit of cooperation and fills me with optimism and safety of belonging to a group.


Amy said...

So very cool! I especially appreciate that you have outlined all of the embellishing details. Amy

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I love this. Having been privileged to meet your group, it was fun trying to decide which fish was who. You inspire me every time I visit your site.

Sadie said...

This art quilt is sooooo very beautiful. You must be a bunch of beautiful quilters too. I appreciate that you gave an interesting explanation and background information about the piece. Congratulations on a lovely project from Massachusetts.